High Humidity Days

Always apply your styling products immediately after the shower.

Once curly hair starts to dry without products, frizz begins to set in.

1Shampoo the roots only and condition hair, combing all the knots out while in. Do not rinse the conditioner out completely. Lightly squeeze hair with a towel.6The top section is where you should be most meticulous. Instead of working in a downward motion you bring the hair upward while smoothing and separating. Place the strands of curls in a criss cross pattern in the part.
2Apply a dime size amount of Drench using your fingers as combs7After all the gel is applied turning the head from side to side, use a towel with open palms to gently lift the hair to set in the natural curl shape.
3First section starting from ear to ear, clipping the top of the hair up. Apply a quarter size amount of Thirsty gel in your hands working it through the hair evenly in a downward motion. Tightly grasping the hair with one hand coming in on the top and one from the side. Smoothing and separating the hair into small ribbon-like sections. Even distribution of gel ensures uniform curls without frizz. 8Apply Memory Spray liberally to entire head, making sure to coat every curl. This will provide a barrier against the humidity.
4Second section at eye level continuingly applying gel evenly throughout. Then smoothing and separating the hair.9Dry hair either by diffusing or air drying.
5Third section is at the recesses of the hairline leaving the crown of the head for last. Work through the section in the same manner as the previous sections..10After the curls are completely dry take a pea sized amount of Smooth pomade. Distribute evenly through your hands than apply by gathering the hair into a ponytail squeezing continuously downward for added protection.