Increase Volume

It is important to touch the curls as little as possible when wet. Over manipulation of wet curls leads to frizz.

Once curly hair is 100% dry, you can manipulate your curls freely without frizz.

1Shampoo all the hair and condition only the mid-shaft and ends, combing all of the knots out with conditioner in. Rinse hair thoroughly. Lightly squeeze hair with a towel.6The top section is where you should be most meticulous. Instead of working in a downward motion you bring the hair upward while smoothing and separating. Place the strands of curls in a criss cross pattern in the part.
2Only if the hair is extremely knotty, apply a dime sized amount of Drench to the ends only.7After all the gel is applied turning the head from side to side, use a towel with open palms to gently lift the hair to set in the natural curl shape.

If you are going to air dry, place clips wherever height is needed. Slightly open duck clips and slide along the scalp. Spray liberally with Memory and remove clips when your hair is completely dry..

If you are going to diffuse, liberally spray Memory throughout the entire head, adding a little extra at the roots. Flip your head upside down and diffuse in an upward motion until the roots are dry. Then flip back and turning head from side to side drying the rest of your hair. Diffusing curls will always give more volume and curl than air drying.
3First section starting from ear to ear, clipping the top of the hair up. Apply a quarter size amount of Thirsty gel in your hands working it through the hair evenly in a downward motion. Avoid putting the gel one inch from the roots. Tightly grasping the hair with one hand coming in on the top and one from the side. Smoothing and separating the hair into small ribbon-like sections. Even distribution of gel ensures uniform curls without frizz.
4Second section at eye level continuingly applying gel evenly throughout. Then smoothing and separating the hair.
5Third section is at the recesses of the hairline leaving the crown of the head for last. Work through the section in the same manner as the previous sections.8Finish with Memory spray to hold your style in place.